What is a User Interface?

A user interface is a design with a subset of the field of study called Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) which enhances an easier interaction between the user and the machine. It enables the person’s need to be addressed most effectively which is a very important concept these days as we live in a world of technology.


HCI designers must look into various factors like, what we want and wait for, physical restraints and abilities that we have, how information processing functions, and what we find enjoyable and attractive. User interface designers must also consider some technical features and limitations of the computer hardware and software.


The user interface is a computer element and software that you can speak with, feel, or otherwise understand or direct. It has two components which include input and output. Input is simply how you execute your needs or desires to the computer. Inputs components include a mouse and keyboard. Your fingers and your voice is also an input component when you are using touch screens or voice recognition devices.


On the other hand, the output is how the system conveys the results of the user’s computations and requirements. Nowadays the most common output device is the monitor or a display screen as well as sound and voice devices.


A suitable user interface design gives a combination of properly designed output and input mechanisms that will effectively satisfy user’s needs and capabilities. It’s very important to have the best user interface. A good user interface is best when it comes to helping us in viewing the capabilities of the system, and also brings a link to the capacities of the software. To most users, it is the system since its one of the few perceptible mechanisms of the product its developers create. Many critical tasks are also presented through by the use of user interface. This includes all tasks that affect the relationship between the organization and customers.


A poor design brings a separation between the user and the system. It can also bring disappointment and increase stress in system related jobs. Operating with a poor user interface can also lead to a huge financial cost to users and even to the organization.


Since there are many elements that are concerned in a user interface design and many available applications, the user interface designers have now specialized in various areas like software designs, web design or industrial design. Professionals are determined in perfecting the user interface to a point that it can respond to the brain stimulus and not by touching.


In the world of internet and information technology, nothing is impossible. Things that were considered impossible some years back have now come into reality. After the keypad, a touch screen emerged and no one thought that this could be possible. The interface can respond to almost all human execution and in the years to come, most people predict that it is going to involve further.